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How can we make people more up to date with the news in their country and in the world on a daily basis?


After some research, we discovered that people generally have some spare time while going from home to work and from work to home. They use this time mostly to read books and listen to music. We decided then that this would be the best time to update users with the latest news.

To do so, Q.NEWS provides two daily audio digests with everything that happened during the day and night. Everyday, at 6AM and 6PM we provide an audio with short news from categories like business, economy, technology and etc.


Our objetive is to provide a quick glance on what’s happening. The app should follow this goal and provide the fastest way to listen to the news.

We accomplished this with a two screen app. In the main screen you can play your daily news, download it so you can listen offline or select the categories you want to listen. In the player, you can jump between categories or even between news inside each category.


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