Portal dos Pais

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Create a brand and mobile user experience that translates Portal dos Pais goals. Portal dos Pais is a system that helps to decrease the traffic jam around school and to improve communication and security by connecting the school to the parents when they are arriving to pick up their children.


The brand was created to reflect Portal dos Pais goals and characteristics. Its geometric format and primary color use shows that it’s used on the “school universe” while it’s symmetry gives the user a sense of exactitude and security.

Because the app icon is one of the biggest contact points with the brand, it’s symbol should be strong and easily recognisable. The icon has as it’s front piece, the same “p” as seen on Portal dos Pais logotype. From the “p”, three other “paths” appear, each indicating a different way parents arrive at the same school. The “paths” also illustrates the different tools Portal dos Pais offers to schools and parents.


The app was designed based on the Material Design guidelines. We made some user experience test and tried to decrease as much as possible the number of interactions the user should have to get their children. We reduced to only 2-3 taps, since opening that app and warning the school that they are on their way.

Besides the parents app, a school app was developed too. With the school app, the person in charge of the kids can manage who already went out and who is still waiting.


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portal dos pais

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